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Greetings, My name is Dr. Tara R. Nesbitt, Ed.D and I am here to offer tutoring services that will aid in classroom achievement, reading comprehension, positive self-esteem, and academic confidence. I have taken my love for teaching and decided to focus more on individual assessments, smaller learning group settings, and tailored learning plans which will allow for me to develop more genuine and personal relationships with my clients and their families.

I have taught in a public school setting for over 10 years, and also have a Business background in economics and management. The desire to "re-develop student skills early" in classroom teaching and learning has been my focus and passion as an educator, and became my main reason for creating The Educational Doctor, LLC. For far too long, many students have passed from grade to grade without having the background knowledge or the strong study skills to maintain success in the classroom. This has become an issue for many school districts as well as parents wanting answers and seeking other educational alternatives. I currently serve as a Title I Consultant for Catapult Learning at EMEK Hebrew Academy.

I look forward to utilizing academic resources, as well as my own expertise in education, to deliver excellent customer and professional services that not only meet my client's needs in the form of classroom achievement, but also create an extended family atmosphere where teaching, learning, and personal growth is experienced by everyone involved!


Dr. Tara R. Nesbitt, Ed.D.

The Educational Doctor, LLC.

Dr. Tara R. Nesbitt, Ed.D. Experienced Educator

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